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Before the season starts you must:

  1. Register with USA Hockey as a coach: (Go to, click "Membership", click "Register Online")
  2. Register with Midcoast Youth Hockey as a coach: (Use the same registration tab on the website as the players and select coach as your enrollment option.  There is no cost for your MCYH coaching registration but you will need a USA Hockey registration number for this - $56 for USA Hockey and  MEAHA which is reimbursable subject to approval)
  3. Take the online "age specific module" at USA Hockey for the level or levels you will be coaching.

As soon as possible (By 12/31 you must)

  1. Attend level 1 clinic your 1st year, level 2 your 2nd year, level 3 your 3rd year, and renew level 3 online every two years thereafter.  Coaches may stay at Level 1 if they only coach Mites and Minimites  programs.  LTPH hockey coaches are not required to acquire level 1 certification.    To find a clinic :  Don't delay, register early!

All coaches you must

  1. Conduct a free background check through the USA Hockey site:



good for 1 year) (no cost) (required by Maine Amateur Hockey Assoc. and USA Hockey)

New Coaches


  • Are you willing to put the long-term development of the player - and the child - ahead of winning and losing?
  • Can you demonstrate hockey skills commensurate with the age group you wish to coach?
  • Are you willing to dress the part? (dress code includes coaches jacket, windpants, skates, gloves, stick and helmet.)

If so, you might be Midcoast Youth Hockey material! The certification process is lengthy but well worth it ... Brian Burke has said "Hockey is the hardest sport to learn", so it should come as no surprise that hockey coaching requirements - and ongoing training - are significantly more demanding than those of other youth sports. However, as with anything, increased commitment brings increased reward.

Thank you for your interest in coaching for Midcoast Youth Hockey, and if you have any questions, please contact our Director of Coaching. Thank you!


Seek out the Coaching Coordinator or Instructional Programs Coordinator for a verbal interview.

Alternatively you may contact our Director of Coaching, addressing the following questions:

  • Current year USA Hockey Registration # (if currently held)?:
  • USA Hockey CEP # / Certification level (if currently held)?
  • Past Coaching Experience (Any Sport) (Dates, Position, Level, Organization):
  • Past “Hockey Playing” Experience (Dates, Position, Level, Team):
  • Have you ever had a game misconduct as a coach resulting in a suspension? If so, please explain:
  • List 3 references ( name, position, contact info) who could speak to your character as a youth coach:
  • Desired coaching level/age group?
  • Why do you want to coach with Midcoast Youth Hockey?
  • Do you have/are you willing to obtain appropriate coaching attire: a coach’s jacket and windpants (any model), skates-gloves-stick, and a properly secured helmet?
  • Anything else you would like to add?

The Midcoast Youth Hockey Board of Directors and the applicable Program Coordinator will review all applications. When approved, complete the requirements listed under "Returning Coaches" above.

Reimbursement Requests

While many coaches donate the expenses associated with coaching requirements, coaches may request reimbursement for the following expenses:

  1. USA Hockey registrations
  2. USA Hockey coach's certification clinics level 1, 2 and 3
  3. USA Hockey age specific modules

There are two methods of re-imbersement:

1. Print out proof of pay for requested reimbursements, download and complete the Coaches Reimbursement Form located in the right-hand column of this webpage, and mail all paperwork to: Midcoast Youth Hockey Attn: Treasurer, PO Box 1019, Brunswick ME 04011. Requests for reimbursements must be submitted prior to April 1st of current season.

2.  Send all reimbursement request via E-mail with supporting electronic documentation to the attention of the treasurer Midcoast youth Hockey Association.

Dress Code


Midcoast Youth Hockey coaches are expected to look like coaches. Proper attire for a hockey coach creates an atmosphere of competence and includes

  • Hockey gloves
  • Coach's jacket
  • Windpants
  • Properly secured helmet

Please contact the Coaching Director with any questions you may have.

Hockey Coaching